A video door phone system is a great security feature for your homes. It is a standalone intercom system that is used to manage calls that come up at the entrance of a building or a home. It enables a person sitting indoors to know who is outside the door and if they wish, they can engage in a conversation and decide whether or not to let the person in. It works in conjunction with the audio and visual communications that happen between the indoor and outdoor environment.

If you aren’t that tech-friendly, you would often wonder on – how to install video door phone? To answer the same question, you must understand that a basic video door phone security system consists of both indoor and outdoor elements. An outdoor panel on the outside, an electronically controlled lock release, and an indoor monitor are essential for a video intercom system. The outside panel is equipped with a number of push buttons, to enable the visitor to make a call, an all-weather night vision enabled high-quality camera, a mic to pick up their voice and speaker to reproduce the sound from the indoors.

The video entry monitor present inside, lets us know who is at the entrance and whether or not access should be granted. Apart from the monitor screen, there are a couple of peripherals like the mic and speaker and a trigger button to push the electronic door release. With its complex design and numerous components, the process of video door phone installation can seem daunting. However, following a methodical approach can make things easier.

The entire video door phone system installation process can be summarised as below.

Run The Cable:

You will obviously need to run the cable from the video camera outside to the monitor inside. You can do so either by drilling holes or through the roof.

Pre Drill The Holes And Position The Bracket:

Have a clear idea of what your video door phone system should look like. Decide the position of the cameras and the monitor before starting. Drill the holes using a mason drill, insert the wall plugs and pull the cable through.

Connect The Wires To The Camera:

The next obvious step in the video door phone system installation is to connect the wires to the cameras. You can do so by following the guide mentioned on most of the cameras. Also, ensure that the connection is secure before you start using them.

Connect The Camera To The Wall Mount:

Now attach the camera to the already placed bracket or the camera mount and make sure it sits firmly and is visible to anyone who visits the place. Position the camera at a nominal height.

Mount A Monitor Bracket Inside The Building:

Now that our front end is ready, we have to set up the back end. Set up the monitor bracket in the desired location and pull out the poking wires. Connect the wires to the monitor input and enter the power supply for your monitor.

Finish It Up:

Now secure the monitor on the pre fixed monitor bracket. Adjust the positioning of the monitor as per requirements. If you feel the process is complicated, getting the help of an electrician is another feasible solution.

Different security video door phone equipment sets are available on the market today. Finding the right one that fits your requirements and budget is of paramount importance to ensure you stay safe at all times.